The christmas version is available

The new version is availabe on the AppStore and GooglePlay, ready to download.

Besides the graphic changes, we added a login system so you can use the same account in different devices and a Twitter button to share your records.

If you don't want to register, you can continue playing as a guest, although your record won't be uploaded.

New download page

He have added a page with downloads from the game.

You can obtain wallpapers of the minigames for your devices or desktop pcs.

Download them all and tell us which is your favourite.

ES2Play is released!

Yesterday, we released a Android game we call ES2Play. We will release it for iOS in the next days.

The app has four diferent minigames that offers short games with a final score to compete in the online rankings. Each one of them is located in a different place of Salamanca, starring the lame devil (Lamy) and other characters.